Book - What The Other Mothers Know

A funny and practical guide to parenting in the 21st Century from three witty mothers who have seen it all

The Other Mothers know all sorts of things.  They know that pre-school enrollment begins when the EPT strip changes color. They know that bringing the Little League coach a Starbucks latte will get their 7-year-old spaz onto the field.  And they know principals can’t tell the difference between the school’s $30 white polo shirts and the $5 ones from WalMart. From choosing the gentlest baby wipes to negotiating car pools, here is a golden book written by three hands-on Moms that dispenses no-nonsense advice and reassurance, passed down like the wisdom of the ages – all with a heaping tablespoon of humor.

Michele Gendelman is a comedy writer, with credits on Newhart, Facts of Life, and many other shows.  She teaches screenwriting at UCLA and writes animated series for the Cartoon Network and PBS.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Ilene Graff is a singer and actress, best known for the six seasons she spent as the mom in the ABC comedy Mr. Belvedere. Married to a composer, their finest production is their daughter.  They live in Los Angeles

Donna Rosenstein is a television casting director in Los Angeles, currently casting the hit CBS series The Ghost Whisperer.  A senior VP of Casting at ABC for 10 years, she oversaw the casting of such acclaimed series as The Practice, NYPD Blue, Twin Peaks, Roseanne, Home Improvement, and others.  She is a single mom of a teenage daughter.

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Photo by Mary Ann Halpin